Best Magnetic Rowing Machine Reviews For 2023

Last Updated on March 14, 2023

Fitness enthusiasts worldwide crave one thing in particular, and that’s a simple effective workout mechanism. Whether it’s about the money they spend or the time they invest, one thing that everyone wants is a hassle-free gym experience. Along with efficiency, the best magnetic rowing machine combines all of these benefits and much more!

A magnetic rowing machine is the closest thing you’ll get to the perfect gym buddy. It enhances your fitness training experience.

7 Best Magnetic Rowing Machine Reviews

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the seven top magnetic rowing machines currently available in the market. So, without further ado, let’s get right to our reviews.

1. FITNESS REALITY 1000 PLUS Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

Weighing at 63.6 lbs. itself, the FITNESS REALITY 1000 PLUS Bluetooth Magnetic Rower can withstand an overall body weight of 250 lbs.  You can try out multiple exercise routines on the machine using a wide LCD of 3.5-inches. The specialized programs for forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs, and thighs are also helpful.

The equipment has dimensions of 88.5-inches x 21.5-inches x 21.5-inches while you are using it. Anyone with height ranged between 4’9-inches to 6’6-inches can use the machine without any hassle. The Slide rail length is 39-inches along with the inseam, and you can adjust the Seat height range anywhere between 9.5-inches to 12-inches. There is also a comfortable Cushion seat and sturdy Handlebar. The stabilizer footpads on the front are an additional benef.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower

You can easily adjust the magnetic resistance level within eight variants in the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine. You have just to twist a lever Rower. There are built-in transportation wheels for easy mobility, as well. So, you won’t have to worry about storing it at 37-inches X 19-inches X 53. 5-inches dimensions.

A massive LCD console can track total time, count, and calories to help achieve all your fitness goals. The slide rail is 48-inches long with a 44-inch inseam length. So, you can use it without any worries. Rest assured about the safety of the machine with textured non-slip foot pedals and foot straps.

3. ECHANFIT Rowing Machine

Customizability is the name of the game with the ECHANFIT Rowing Machine. You can adjust the ergonomic handlebar and anti-skid pedals based on your comfort. Based on your intensity options and type of exercise, you can even change the machine’s magnetic resistance between 16 levels.

The operation mechanism is super quiet and suitable for indoor rowing. You can burn calories, build total-body strength, and improve your health on this equipment. You can even fold it up after use and move it to a storage cabinet using the front-mounted transport wheels.

The console provides data about calories, distance, time, count, RPM, and a convenient scan feature.

4. CIRCUIT FITNESS Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine

The CIRCUIT FITNESS Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine is your sturdiest option on this list. It has With heavy-duty steel frames and an aluminum build. There is a durable injection-molded seat, foam-covered handlebars, and adjustable foot straps.

There is an innovative manual magnetic resistance system. The machine also boasts a foldable design and transport wheels so you can store it after use. The maximum weight capacity of the device is 300 lbs. while being dimensioned at 91-inch x 20. 5-inch x 31. 5-inch.

The LCD screen panel racks speed, distance, time, calories burned, SPM, date, and ambient temperature.

5. Fisup Exercise & Fitness Rowers Magnetic Rowing Machine

The Fisup Exercise & Fitness Rowers Magnetic Rowing Machine can be the best choice for your fitness-oriented family. The workout regime varies from person to person. You can quickly set the tension level according to different family member’s needs. The machine has a maximum weight capacity of 256 lbs. The effective seat height is 9-inch with 18-inch width, and the leg movement distance of 50-inch. 

The triangle design solid steel frame has two adjustable foot platforms and foam-covered handlebars. There are handy transport wheels to help you move it around your house.

There is a 30-inch-wide display panel to track speed, distance, time, calories burned, SPM, date, and ambient temperature.

6. Sunny Health & Fitness Compact Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine

The best feature of the Sunny Health & Fitness Compact Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine is its versatility along with 16 levels of magnetic tension. There are even an innovative bottle and device holder to place your drink or device while working out. The handlebars fit with adjustable straps and slip-resistant texture to allow safety and comfort. 

There is a large, padded seat with a 43.5-inch slide rail inseam that can withstand a maximum bodyweight of 285 lbs. The machine is also foldable so that you can fit it in your small home gym in a convenient upright setup.

The easy-to-read monitor can display Scan, Time, Count, Calories, and Total Count.

7. MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine

The MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine offers a Non-Slip foam grip handlebar and large cushioned seat. The pedals are large and textures so that you have a non-slip surface. Your feet will remain locked into position while you use the equipment.

You can adjust the machine’s magnetic resistance between a total of 16 levels based on your workout intensity. The maximum rail length is 49 inches and 45 inches in inseam length. So, anyone with a height of 6’5-inches can use it without any hassle.

There is a large LCS panel that displays time, count, calories, and total count. There is an innovative Scan feature that will assist you in tracking all your fitness goals.

How to Choose Best Magnetic Rowing Machine

The best magnetic rower will indeed enhance your workout experience to the next level. But that does not mean that all products available in the market are created equal.

Before jumping in to buy the best magnetic row machine for yourself, you need to know about some of the features that make our selections merely the best. There are quite a few factors we have considered while compiling this list. We hope it will make your concept a bit clearer and make your decision a bit easy. Just read through our in-depth buying guide for a magnetic rowing machine, and you should be good to go.

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Size & Dimensions

If you prefer the indoor magnetic rowing machine, you’ll want to look for the overall space available in your room. The average magnetic rower requires a clear working space of 5 feet x 8 feet if you’re going to avoid any accidents or injuries. 

But if you don’t have that kind of space, you might want to opt for a folding magnetic rowing machine. These usually fit between spaces between 2.5 feet to 3.5 feet, and you can use them in more congested situations.

Beam Size

The beam’s size is crucial if you are struggling with leg space while you are using the machine. An average magnetic rower has ample space inside for the medium heigh user. But if you are on the taller spectrum, with over 6.4 feet height, you will need an extended central rail of around 80 inches. Otherwise, you won’t be able to move your feet back and forth without hindrance. 

Maximum Weight Capacity

Since you have to use magnetic rowing machines for a full-body workout, you need to consider its weight capacity. You don’t want the machine to break under your body weight or lose its stability while you work out. For stability issues, opt for a model that weighs between 45 to 80 lbs. itself.

Most heavy-duty models can withstand up to 350 lbs. of body weight. But they will be costlier too. Make sure to adjust your budget accordingly. Find a good ratio between the build of the machine and your body weight.

Resistance Level

These magnetic rowing machines create resistance by using magnets on a metal flywheel. This is what makes the force you need to complete one full stroke. So, it’s best if you check available resistance options before buying gym equipment.

In general, the fixed distance between the flywheel and magnet determines how stiff or loose the resistance will be. This will remain constant during your workout, unlike air rowers or water rowers. 

However, the best magnetic rowing machines provide you with the ability to adjust this resistance level based on your preference. Choose a model that has at least eight adjustment levels.

Workout Console & Screens

The console attached to your machine can be extremely helpful to your workout experience. Although it’s a secondary feature, it drastically changes the utility of the equipment. The console usually displays information like calories burned, distance rowed, row count, and time elapsed. 

Consoles with wider screens and backlit displays allow a dynamic workout regime. Even if you choose to use the machine in the dark, you will face no problems. 

Preset Programs

This can essentially be a breakthrough. The best rowing machine for the money will offer pre-installed workout programs within the console. You can enhance your workout experience using these routines. You can add any unique variations to the excitement and break the monotony of regular exercises.

(FAQs About Magnetic Rowing Machine

How Do Magnetic Rowers Work?

Magnetic rowers are innovative in their working principle. To mimic the realistic rowing experience, these machines use a magnet and a metallic flywheel. The magnet slides along with the rotating flywheel while you work out on the device.

The closer the magnet to the flywheel, the stiffer the resistance and the more calories you burn to row. There is no mechanical motion involved. The operation is hushed, and there is virtually no sound, as opposed to air rowing or hydraulic rowing. The mechanism is entirely magnetic.

Magnetic vs. Air Rowing Machine: Which is for you?

This solely depends on your preference. The main difference between magnetic rowers and air rowers lies in the overall resistance.

Depending on how slow or fast you can row, the air rowing machine will adjust its resistance. The action becomes much more challenging as you row faster. It mimics the actual authentic rowing motion in many ways. But beware of the noise it creates.

The same is not valid for magnetic rowing machines that have a consistent resistance no matter how you perform. It’s virtually silent. You can adjust it to your preference and row on a specific resistance.

If you prefer to set a fixed level of resistance while working out, magnetic rowing machines are for you. Otherwise, we recommend looking at alternatives like air rowers.

How Long Should I Row on a Rowing Machine?

Rowing can be a drastic workout maneuver. There’s such a thing called too much rowing that might end up straining your muscles rather than toning them. So, you need to row for an optimum amount of time.

By a simple rule of thumb, rowing for 20 minutes in a session is suitable for a high-intensity workout regime. On the other hand, a rowing time of five minutes could be optimal for a beginner looking for low intensity. It’s best to work with an increment of two minutes each time you feel comfortable and want to increase the resistance or power.

Nonetheless, your routine should best fit your body physique and workout goals. It’s best to consult a professional regarding this.

Bottom Line

If you plan to indulge in a full-body workout and want significant results, getting the best magnetic rowing machine is just a matter of time. These machines maximize your workout experience to the next level.

Since there is a wide variety of models to choose from, we tried to make the decision easy for you with our buying guide. Just look out for its crucial features before you purchase gym equipment.

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