How To Build A Home GYM On A Budget

Last Updated on February 13, 2023

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your own home gym? Today’s sedentary lifestyle has resulted in a plethora of avoidable lifestyle-related diseases. Regular exercise and a good diet are the only ways to remain healthy and strong. But in today’s busy world not all can set time aside for a gym visit or indulge in any outdoor physical activities every day.

That is why a Compact Home Gym has become a necessity these days. A home gym will let you exercise whenever you want in the privacy and comfort of your house. What’s more, you can catch up on TV while burning off calories!

Setting up a home gym is not as expensive and a cumbersome process as some think. Moreover, ever since the pandemic hit, home gyms have become immensely popular. The intense competition has driven down the costs and several affordable solutions for home gyms have flooded the market.

After trying out various home gym options, our experts have prepared the following guide to help you set up a home gym on a budget-

The Right Floor

High-impact bodyweight exercises like jumping jacks or burpees take a toll on your joints even if you wear cross-training sneakers. And if you are lifting weights, a hard floor is not an ideal surface to exercise on. Hence the first thing to consider while setting up a home gym is to install soft flooring. The most affordable option is the exercise mat. They come in different shapes and thicknesses and you can layer them on top of each other for more cushioning. For small spaces, you could consider going for a yoga mat. However, some exercise equipment like the Exercise Bike or Magnetic Rowing Machine needs a hard, level flooring. 

Choosing The Right Equipment

While setting up a home gym, you first need to determine your workout goals. Doing this will help you choose the perfect fitness equipment. You can consider a versatile exercise machine like the Hybrid elliptical. It takes less space and will meet all of your exercise needs.

For more strength and conditioning, you can opt for a Cable Machine or a Power Tower. Power towers are versatile. They allow you to do several weighted and equipment-free exercises. Dumbbells and barbells are a great investment too as they will last you for your lifetime.

In many cases, a cushioned surface will be more than enough. You can do a variety of bodyweight exercises and complement them with free weight training with dumbbells or a kettlebell. Make sure to have enough space to accommodate all your workout drills.

The importance of accessories

Now that you have got a home gym design in mind, it is time to look at an often-ignored area- gym accessories. These extra fittings will enhance your workout sessions and help you spend more time in the gym. Here are some affordable accessories to give your home gym a lift-

  • Mirror

Mirrors help you fix your form while exercising. This will reduce the risk of injury and increase the efficacy of your workout. Moreover, don’t we all want to see our fat being burned off and our muscles growing? No wonder many gyms have wall-to-wall mirrors.

  • A TV screen

A TV in your gym is not only for entertainment, it is also for displaying YouTube exercise routines and virtual trainers. With these twin benefits, a TV is a great addition to your home gym.

  • A good music system

Nothing puts you in the mood for a workout than music. You have excellent headphone options, but they sometimes interfere while exercising. You can consider installing speakers to stream music or even look at portable options.

  • A fan

Another often-overlooked gym accessory is an electric fan. Fans help keep your body cool and also ensure a draft of fresh air. You can work out longer, and with more intensity.

  • Foam rollers

Foam rollers are cheap and excellent for muscle recovery. They provide relief from muscle soreness and tension.

  • Light

A bright light that mimics sunshine helps drive the blues away. Allow plenty of natural light to stream into your gym. For the night exercise sessions, you have a variety of options to choose from. The least expensive are fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs spread a bright, diffused, natural light throughout.

Some parting shots

Many of the exercise machines described above have become affordable. You can also buy used equipment. Used dumbbells and barbells can be bought for a song and last a lifetime. However, while buying other used equipment, be wary. It could turn out to be a costly piece of junk!

Splurge on quality. Plan your space well so that you can add equipment little by little. Soon you’ll be having a full-fledged home gym to the envy of your neighbors and friends. And once your gym is ready, use it! Have clearcut exercise goals to monitor progress and stay motivated.  

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