4 Worst Camping Scenario And How To Handle Them

No matter the seasons, people have become more fascinating about camping or hiking. The outdoor activities are lots of fun and educational for all ages of people around the world.

Now people love to explore new things, ideas, places, nature and environments. It’s a great way of relaxing and recharging to take the new challenges or hard works.

Since life is full of enjoyments, there is no surety that everything will go perfectly for all times. Anything can be happen and you have to face certain situation any time during your journey.

Worst cases may come, but you have to prepare yourself to handle those situations rather making any further scary screen.

Don’t ignore the wildlife:

If you suddenly see any bear is standing infront of you, it will be enough to scare you. Rather running aimless, try to be calm as much as possible. Bears naturally do not attack people.

But they have serious sense of smelling. They can smell from miles away. Keep your voice low and walk behind slowly so that bear can pass by your side. Along with that carry bear spray if you need to encounter their attack.

Get yourself at the higher ground and make yourself as big as possible. Don’t cook near the camping area, lock down your food in a box, use trash box to store food and other wastage. If you have pets don’t loosen them, it may catch bear’s attention.

If you lost track:

Most of the camping sites are unknown place for new comers. In case of camping, people like to discover more places, so try not to travel or explore alone so that you can get lost in forest.

Always try to walk is groups. Give whistles to your children to wear so that they can use this while getting lost. Another most important decision is to travel in such area where you can find cellular signal.

Maintain the healthy battery life of your cell phone to use it in emergency situation. Signal flyers are also useful tools to send signals.

In such situation, you also can use your tree hammock for sending signals as these comes with very bright color and easily can catch the searcher’s attention.

If campfire goes out of control:

Fire can save life and also can destroy life in minutes. If campfire goes out of control, try to douse it with wet cloths. Remember never use any synthetic fabric because the situation can get worst.

Quickly get any bucket and through water to the fire. Move all flammable items from the fire range. If you don’t find any bucket, you can use your hammock to fill it with water and throw it on the perimeter of the fire.

Medical emergencies:

Always carry first aid box while travelling and use the medicine if any uneven incidents happen. Try to drink purified water and watch your steps while hiking and walking over the stones.

If you become sick due to drinking unhygienic water drink saline water as much as possible; if you slip from stones and get yourself hurt, clean bleeding and dressing the injured area quickly.

Carry mosquito protecting spray and apply where it’s necessary. You should know that these insects are weak to fly, turn on the electric fan, it will be blown them way. Use mosquito nets to sleep well at night.

Outdoor camping is not just like hanging yourself up at the tree hammock or sleeping in the tent, it is more of keeping yourself safe from any emergency situation. Your better-surviving skills will make the time more pleasant.

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