Need to Know Bear Facts and Safety Tips While Camping at Bear Country

Bears are considered the most clever and curious animal of all. Many countries have wildlife forests where we can found an incredible number of these types of animals.

Watching them is really exciting and fun but at the same time, it can be dangerous if bears understand that you are a threat to their existence.

To make a positive trip for camping, one should study the bear behaviors and have to learn about safety measurements before going for an outing in bear country.

About the bears and their behavior:

Bear has extreme skills of smelling correct even from miles. Not only that they can see from a distance just like us.

There are certain types of bears. These are black bears & brown bears and grizzly bears. Though they are not so dangerous but can hurt us if they determine to attack.

They tend to walk so quietly that someone hardly can understand until the bear is visible itself in-front of us. It tries to avoid crowds.

They eat plants, fish, grasses, roots, berries, insects even including dead animals. Bear love human prepared food and are very opportunities in choosing food.

They have a strong sense of smell of perfume, medicine, cooking cookeries, a grilled item, birdseed and human trash.

What are the Safety measures while camping and hiking?

Rather than going fighting, we should take some safety steps. As the bear is a quick learner to understand human taste and food, we should avoid doing certain things right away.

  • To maintain security, always keep your cooking territory clean. Keep all the food strain and trash in the garbage.
  • Read and follow the local security guidelines of certain areas.
  • Avoid eating inside your camp or sleeping place.
  • Put your food and food-related staff in a locker box from the reach of your pets also when you are in the site or go out of your camp.
  • Keep your cocking staff as oils, fuel and cookeries, and your daily sanitary and cosmetics item in a safe place.
  • Try not to make noise or else you will be visible by bears.
  • Keep a sufficient amount of distance from the bear and if you, unfortunately, find yourself in front of the bear, try to be as calm as possible.
  • If you have pets, never loosen them as their barking could get the attention of any bear and thus you can be attacked.
  • Use tree hammock and set it in a bit higher rather than a tent. So that you can save yourself from bear attack at night. If you are on the ground you become more at the reach of the bear.

But what you can do if you have to encounter a bear suddenly??

  • Try to stay calm rather fighting. You should identify yourself and slowly walk back from their range. If bear understood that you are not a threat to it, then it will pass by rather hurting you.
  • Travel in groups and if possible move to any higher ground. If you have children, pick them up and move slowly.
  • Pay extra attention to the bear mother and to its cubs.
  • Use bear spray unless it’s really necessary and it should be your last option to encounter. These sprays are very much available in the bear country.

Bears don’t want to attack unless it feels fear from you and it tries to avoid people. Since no one can ensure their mood; we should take proper safety measurements if we are camping or hiking in bear country.

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