Everything You Need to Know About Hammock Camping

When I come from a long walk and hike, I become so tired to get off my shoes and put myself fit in my hanging hammock without wasting further time. But will you be able to do so, if you’re a beginner?

There are lots of pre works before going for a sound sleep. After lots of tiring activity, surely your energy will go down and your body will need resting. In such a case, if you fell down from your hammock how you will feel? You will feel to burn it to hell!!!

Wait!! You don’t have to. I am doing this camping and successfully completed more than 40 in a row. In hence I am going to present some useful guidelines which will protect you from felling down in uneven situation.

Choosing the right hammock:

While choosing hammock, most people imagine to mocking like backyards, or at the garden with a traditional hammock which is good for a short time.

But when your desire is to fall asleep and sleep the whole night, this traditional rope spreading hammock will not be a good choice at all because you have to think about comfort and durability.

Hammocks are not bed that it will keep you up from felling down. I prefer high quality materials. Poor design can make you suffer a lot. So to avoid negative experience, always choose the best hammock.

Spreader bars can flip you to the ground from mocking and an unnatural weight balance may cause you serious back pain.

You also have to pay attention to the portability, net attachments, dust resistance, wet resistance because sudden wind or rain can wet you.

Since you have to carry lots of equipment, be sure the hammock should not too heavy to carry.

Setting up in perfect laying position:

Set the length of your hammock so that it should not look like a human banana when you are sleeping in it. Doing this, you will welcome your back pain after a few minutes. It’s also not comfortable.

If you tighten the hammock, when you will sleep, it will create extra pressure on your shoulder and the side fabric will rise up like a wall.

Getting a flat lay is my favorite and this setup is really comfortable. Tie it by imagining that it should blend you not more than 30 degrees when you will sleep.

Keep yourself warm:

When you are camping be careful to keep yourself warm. In such case a sleeping pad or blanket which will be filled with synthetic material is more useful.

If you feel uncomfortable while changing sleeping position you can insert your sleeping pad directly into the sleeping bag.

Precautious for bad weather:

If you have gone for an outing in cold weather, this doesn’t guaranty you that rain won’t start. Or you are enjoying the sun and suddenly it’s started raining.

You can’t bear raindrops if you fell asleep at night. To avoid such a situation try to purchase water resistance fabrics and a weatherproof rainfly; this will protect you from getting wet.

Bugs net:

In open-air camping insects can harm you by biting. To protect, you will find many bug nets that are specially designed.

At the same time, you need to set your sleeping hammock far away from hubs or stagnant water where mosquitos do their activity.

Use straps or cords:

You should use straps so that the balanced pressure of the tie will be applied to the tree. Try avoiding hanging your hammock in a younger tree as it could hardly bear the weight.

Don’t leave any trace:

Before leaving the camp, erase all possible traces. Be careful of shutting down the fire for safety measure or else you may destroy the beautiful nature. Erasing and cleaning the place will be reusable to the next campers.

In an emergency situation:

A hammock is a great tool and you can use this in many situations besides mocking. If you are far from water sources, you can reserve water in it.

If you need to carry other survival tools, you can use this to wrap up and can carry them easily in your back.

In certain emergency situations, you can use it to send signals to search boats or helicopters. The bright color of the hammock will easily catch the attention of searchers.

Hammock hanging in a camp is not a rocket science that everybody can’t do. But for the beginner, you can use the guidelines to stay few nights under the sky with peaceful sleep.

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