How to Choose The Hiking Boots for Tough Conditions

Are you excited about the hiking trip next week but a bit dreadful because of your uncomfortable hiking boots? It may have been several occasions when you felt a burning sensation on the sides of your feet or you may have had moments where you wanted to take it off in the middle of a hike. It may be the corn on your toes that are telling you to get a new pair of hiking boots.

Now this time, you want a pair that will last longer. You want something that you will be excited and willing to wear for long hours. With several pairs of hiking boots in stores and online, how do you find one that guarantees optimal comfort when you wear them?

Worry no more as we have prepared a couple of simple tips that you can use when looking for a pair to buy. Hiking boots are more than just shoes that you wear daily, these are supposed to function two to three times your regular daily shoes. So if you bought the wrong ones before, let’s make sure you get the right ones today.

Hiking Boots Buying Guide

You can take this step-by-step guide to help you figure out what you want and need in a pair of hiking shoes. From there, you will be able to move on to deciding on what features to take with your choice. Let’s get the learning started.

Think About You Type of Hiking

Are you the type to go walking on paved and long trails? Are you the type who loves venturing out into the wilderness with dangerous animals? Or are you the type who loves venturing through trails that has both water and land? Everyone has a preferred way of hiking; hence, footwear needs and preferences for every individual’s boots also differ.

There are certain instances where you are to need more cushions, better toe guards, heel guards, and other features in your boots. Sometimes, you may need hiking boots with waterproof features to keep your feet warm and dry at all times. These are essential to making sure you get the most comfortable time when on the trail.

Choose Your Boots

Now that you know your hiking style, you can now determine the features you need to feel comfortable and to provide ample protection to your feet at all times. After coming up with the specifications you need, it is now time to choose your boots. Whether you are a casual walker, a long-distance hiker or a day hiker, it all boils down to one thing – get boots that suit your needs.

Always consider the type of material made to create your footwear. If you are someone who often feels hot during a hike, it is recommended that you go for one that has breathable material. If you are someone who needs more support than usual, go for one with ample ankle support. If you are always complaining about the water and mud that seeps in your shoes when you hike, go get one with waterproof linings.

It is also good to go for trusted hiking boot brands as their creations are most likely worn and tested by a lot of hikers like you. Check on the feedback made by their customers to know whether those models are able to deliver their brand promises. And lastly, always make sure to get the right size. Boots that are not in your size or are not perfect for your feet will leave you feeling sore after some time, so always be precise on the sizing.

Experience Them First-Hand

After purchasing your boots, make sure to give them a try before wearing them to your hike. Wearing your hiking boots on the day of your hike may leave you with some problems that you should have seen beforehand. We recommend that you fit and try them on for a day or two while going through your daily routine. If you feel comfortable even after hours of going around and about, then this may indicate that your boots are ready for your hike. If you feel discomfort after wearing the pair in lesser hours, then this may not be a good pair to take with you.

Add as You Deem Necessary

A lot of people who buy hiking shoes invest on some additional items to make their hiking experience the best. They sometimes purchase insoles for added support, volume and comfort. Though almost all hiking boots come with a foam insole, it is always good to get a high quality insole just in case it wears out after a couple of uses. Of course, make sure to consider your boot size when buying one. Make sure to get one that still makes you feel comfortable when placed on the boots.


Hiking boots play a role in keeping you dry, comfortable and protected from any type of harm throughout your venture. And since this is an important part of your gear, it is good to have one that does not require you to compromise. You should never compromise quality and comfort for anything.

If you are on a tight budget, you can always check out those with the best reviews on your price bracket. Always put quality and comfort above anything and you will not regret it. Make sure to keep the guidelines discussed above in mind to get the best hiking boots for your upcoming trip.

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